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Tim Tebow's Last Stand?

From The Orlando Sentinel...

Gators quarterback Tim Tebow told the Sentinel on Tuesday that he'll "probably" petition to the NFL draft advisory committee to determine his potential status should he decide to leave school early.

"It's the smart thing to do," said Tebow, a junior.

The article also goes on to say this...

How the Gators finish the season will play a large part in Tebow's NFL decision, according to a source.

Of course, a petition means nothing. And Tebow will likely be told he is too big or has a bad motion to play in the NFL. They may even ask if he wants to play tight end or fullback. Hopefully, they will comeback and say the Lions are interested and Tebow will stay in school.

But it does bring up something else. Previously, we mentioned how Tebow has hate in his heart. Is it possible he is playing for his legacy? Does he want to be Peyton Manning, who never one the big one? Or Danny Wuerffel, who did but did not have the pro success? Is it possible that with Percy Harvin and Brandon Spikes also looking at the NFL Draft, that Tebow sees his window for another championship closing?

Forget about that for a minute. How bout this; now there is another reason for Tebow to play the game of his life Saturday. Alabama will throw the kitchen sink at Tebow and the junior quarterback has probably never seen a defense as good as Bama's. He will deal with constant pressure and quite possibly, his offensive line struggling to keep him upright. Tebow will be dealing with a avalanche of pressure, physical and mental. This may be his last chance on a college stage to fight off those pressures and win.