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Smell Like Your School (Or Maybe Not)

Our friend Timmy C forwards to us the number one gift for your favorite fan; Collegiate Fragrances.

Masik was founded by the Masich family in 2007 to create a fine fragrance line for the collegiate market. Masik is the only company of its kind – creating distinctive fine fragrances that reflect each school’s unique and distinguished character.

Masik was extremely meticulous about how they created the scent for each school. They wanted to ensure their perfumers had a clear vision of what each school represented. As a result, Masik conducted campus visits, discussions with students and alumni and a significant amount of research. In the end, the following distinctive characteristics served as inspiration for each university's "signature scent"

So far, the company only has cologne for Penn State (containing Italian Bergamot, Cracked Pepper Vapor and Indonesian Patchouli) and North Carolina (Sicilian Lemon, Sunny Geranium and Haitian Vetiver). The ladies are also represented at those schools.

But, the company is now reaching out to the fans most likely to buy any object with their school logo on it; SEC fans. Coming soon are colognes and perfumes for Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU and Tennessee. I wonder what fragrances they will choose? Here are my guesses, drop yours in the comments.

Alabama: A dead bear

Auburn: Eagle droppings, tiger crap and cow manure

Florida: Lemon-lime Gatorade and jorts

Georgia: Silicone and SoCo (women), UGA's drool (men)

LSU: Corn dogs and toxic FEMA trailers

Tennessee: Jack Daniel's and Krispy Kreme