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Alligator Army Awards: The Albie for Best Moment In Championship Mode

Championship Mode: mental state when a person is so focused on a goal, he or she performs at a skill level not thought possible.

I am honored to present the nominees for Best Moment In Championship Mode.

RB Jeff Demps vs. LSU: 10 rushes for 129 yards and a touchdown (seen here). This game was Demps' showcase.

WR Percy Harvin vs. Georgia: Four rushes for 37 yards and a touchdown. Three catches for 52 yards and a touchdown. Harvin is still the Gators' most dangerous player.

LB Brandon Spikes vs. Georgia: Seven total tackles, half sack, and this huge tackle for a loss. Spikes has made his presence felt in every game since.

QB Tim Tebow vs. Florida State: 16 rushes for 92 yards, a touchdown, and this epic smackdown. Tebow was also 12-21 with three touchdowns and 185 yards in the air. Nothing was stopping Tebow in this game.

QB Tim Tebow vs. Alabama; SEC Championship Game: Two epic fourth quarter drives that rallied the Gators into the BCS Championship game. 14-22 passing with 216 yards and three touchdowns, each on third and goal. If the Gators win the national title, you will tell your children where you were when Tebow won the 2008 SEC Championship.