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Stay The Hell Away From My Football, Charlie Crist

I tend to avoid politics as much as possible unless it's Barry calling for a college football playoff. (I'm a Gator before I'm a Democrat or Republican.) But this I cannot stand for.

It'll be Florida oranges against Alabama barbeque.

That's what governors of the two states have riding on the outcome of Saturday's Southeastern Conference Championship game in Atlanta.

If No. 1 Alabama (12-0) rolls over No. 2 Florida (11-1), Alabama Gov. Bob Riley will get a box of Florida oranges.

If the Gators swamp the Crimson Tide, though, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will get a rack of ribs from Tuscaloosa's renowned Dreamland Barbeque.

First of all, I love me some barbeque (Bar-B-Q Bill's in Chiefland baby!), but Charlie Crist needs to stay the hell way from anything related to the Florida Gators. I don't want that orange-skinned, loafers-with-socks wearing, Prince Charles loving, FSU grad anywhere near my football team. Crist already sank the Tampa Bay Rays and now he will not stop on his path of destruction. Crist needs to worry about one thing; making sure his wedding isn't interrupted by Jeb! announcing he is running for Senate. I'm sure it was rough on Crist that his boy picked that lady from Alaska to run for vice president, but for the love of Danny Wuerffel, does he have to take out his pain on our sports teams? Just stay away from the Florida Gators and maybe you won't get kicked out in two years.