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Gators No. 1 in AP, No. 2 in Coaches

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The AP title is relatively meaningless, but the Florida Gators No. 2 rank in the Coaches' Poll (one point behind No. 1 Oklahoma) should clinch the Gators a spot in Miami and the BCS National Championship Game. We won't know the Harris Poll results until later and who knows the computer's results (Sagarin still has Texas in front and UF 4th). So far though, it looks according to plan.

Alabama flip-flopped with Florida, dropping to 4 in both polls, tied with USC in the Coaches' Poll. Texas remains 3rd in both polls but recieved first place votes in both. In the AP, the first place breakdown is; UF-50, OK-9, TX-6. Coaches'; OK-31, UF-26, TX-4.