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Fun With Polls!

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Let's gove some credit to a good man, Mack Brown. Rather than ranking his team No. 1 over Florida, Brown put the Texas Longhorns No. 2 and Oklahoma No. 3 in his final Coaches' Poll. Brown could have been a bitter jerk and ranked UF 5th and Oklahoma 6th, but he's an honest person. And as we will show, some of these coaches are not honest.

Speaking of bitter and dishonest, it's the Sweatervest, Jim Tressel. Not only did he rank Florida 3rd, Tressel picked Utah 9th, one of seven coaches to do so. That ballot pales in comparison to Mizzou coach Gary Pinkel whose explanation for ranking mid-majors must be due to his parents being killed by Utes during a trip to Monument Valley. Pinkel has Utah 15, Boise St. 16, TCU 17 and 12-1 Ball State unranked. His Missouri team is 18. Also, like a lot of Big 12 coaches, Pinkel has Oklahoma-Texas then Florida at 3.

Nine coaches put Florida at 3; Tressel, Pinkel, Gene Chizik (Iowa State), Todd Dodge (North Texas), Dan Hawkins (Colorado), Mike Leach (Texas Tech, also the only person with TT at No. 2), Bo Pelini (Nebraska), Mike Price (UTEP), and Joe Tiller (Purdue). All the SEC coaches (Croom, Fulmer, Meyer, Miles, Richt) put Florida at the top, except for Steve Spurrier who has the Gators No. 2. Mark Richt had UF-Bama.