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2nd Annual Alligator Army College Bowl Pick'em

Once again, it's the Alligator Army College Bowl Pick'em! HOOOOORAYYYYY! Of course, we are much more excited about this year's bowl season since the Gators are playing in the last game of the year. But there are 33 other bowl games and our goal is to make them more fun for you.

We return to Yahoo's pick'em platform, which is fairly easy to use and most people have Yahoo fantasy sports accounts anyway. This year's prize is even better than last year's; a 2009 Vintage Florida Calendar. The best part about the calendar is the pictures are removable and will look good after the year is over in your Gator RV, dorm room or cardboard box.


Look at how sweet this prize is. Also, nice to see Georgia was going for cheap shots in 1934.

To play for this lovely prize, you need a Yahoo ID, then go here. Join private group 8567 and password alligator. Good Luck!