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Alligator Army Notebook: February 11th

If you look at the picture in this article as well as the cropped version here, you might see something odd on Nick Calathes' neck. I didn't notice it during the game, but two of my friends watching it independently saw it. Both of them thought it was a hickey. The Miami Herald's `Gator Clause' reveals that was not the case.

For the record: Not a hickey on Nick Calathes' neck. Chandler Parsons owned up to scratching him. "No, I didn't give him a hickey," Parsons said...He really said that.

I'm actually glad it was a scratch because it looks like a really bad hickey or a tumor. That said, Parsons could have been protecting for his fellow Lake Howell kid and Calathes really was with a girl who was leaving her mark. (Hooray for unfounded statements!) It is still an important lesson for the kids on the team; as Mickey said in the original Rocky, "Women weaken legs!" Oh, and Calathes only had seven points Saturday. Wonder why?

Greg Mattison will be joining the Baltimore Ravens. Unlike when Stan Drayton was exiled to Knoxville, Mattison is leaving for the financial security of the NFL and still has feelings for UF.

"You know, you coach at different places -- Texas A&M, Michigan, Notre Dame -- and you always wonder how you'll see yourself," Mattison said Sunday. "I'll always be a Gator fan. I'll always see myself as a Gator.

I was in Gainesville Saturday and after the Gator game, it was another episode of `mlmintampa is getting old'. First, it was my 12 year old sister asking about Iraq's ethnic groups, and having to set up a 401k. This weekend, my Gator1 was scanned at Southwest Rec and the girl told me I wasn't a student anymore. They still let me in, which probably wasn't a good idea since I still have no range outside of 12 feet.

Gator Softball begins the season 5-0 after winning a tournament at USF. Just as impressive is that they outscored their opponents 33-7.

Tonight is the start of the Westminster Dog Show, which is compelling if you have owned the two greatest Labradors of all time. Some stupid euro-trash dog will win, but how many of them could be like this Lab-mix and drink Gatorade?

If they had included a blonde, my three favorite things would have been in there. Lemon-lime Gatorade is the Champagne of Gatorade, too.