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No Focus

Young teams are supposed to lose three of four. But no team should allow an opponent to shoot 59%, when their average in conference play was 39%. Or allow them to score 23 points more than their season average.

LSU played extremely well, so I don't want to take anything away from them. However, I've seen intramural teams play better defense than the Gators did tonight. There was no focus or effort on the defensive end and Florida was never able to build any momentum. This is now three of four games the Gators have lost where they looked completely lost at several points in the game. Against Arkansas it was understandable. That was a road game against a NBA-sized team. The Tennessee loss was fine too because of the quick road turn around and UF's lack of depth. But there was no excuse tonight.

Unfortunately, Donovan already said earlier this week that youth was the main excuse.

"I don't expect us to be a lock-down defensive team, but I think we can be better than what we are right now. We can be better in defensive field goal percentage, better in defensive three-point field-goal percentage. We're reacting to things in the half-court instead of anticipating things. That comes with experience."

I agree with that, but tonight, it seemed the lack of interest on defense translated to offense. Every other possession seemed broken and when Dan Werner is taking FIFTEEN shots, there is a problem. Look Dan, when you are 1-7 from 3-point range, it's time to get inside. I watched the whole game and was surprised to see that Lucas had six shots in the box score. The kid is invisible out there. Late in the game, I don't think he was even being guarded because LSU knew he would dish it.

The Gators can not get another ass-kicking Saturday when they go to Vandy and their bizarro gym (come on, join the club and put the benches on the sidelines). Unless this club shows some pride and actually makes defensive stops, you can kiss the NCAAs good bye.

By the way, fantastic comment in the story below this one by 'peachy'.

Our boys need to learn how to play defence in a hurry, or they're going to be showing off their mad offensive skills in the NIT this year.