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Georgia Fights Back

For a state with Knowshon Moreno, you would think that Georgia would be content with what they got. But, noooooooo. First, they try to steal Florida's water. Now, they are blackmailing the Florida Legislature. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution; (HT: Miss Lindsey)

On Monday, GOP lawmakers announced a united House-Senate effort to -- let's say it -- blackmail the state of Florida into permitting vanity car tags that honor University of Georgia alumni.

Otherwise, lawmakers said, they'll yank the Gator tags just won by an Atlanta group of University of Florida grads from the state Department of Revenue.

First of all, congrats to the Georgia State Legislature that they have solved so many of their problems that they can worry about a freaking license plate. Besides, it's not the fault of the Gator plate buyers in Georgia that you only need 1,000 people to sign up to get the plate. In this AJC article the requirements for a plate are broken down.

But in Florida, those who want a new specialty tag must pay the state government a $60,000 processing fee. An independent firm must conduct a random survey of the Florida population to determine that at least 30,000 residents intend to purchase the plates. At least 1,000 specialty tags must be sold every year. And the design must be approved by the Legislature, according to the Florida state department of motor vehicles Web site.

Georgia Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson (R-Savannah) said those requirements amount to a ban when it comes to UGA alumni in Florida.

So does that mean Johnson thinks there aren't 30,000 UGA fans in Florida? Beyond Jacksonville, that might be right. But he should cheer up. If Florida can approve Trees Are Cool and Support Soccer plates, they'll approve anything. I would welcome UGA plates in Florida. That way I know whose tires to slash.

In case you were wondering, the Gator plate in Florida has earned $2.5 million, easily the biggest fundrasier.

One more thing, did you know the Bulldog is in the non sporting group among dog breeds? Seriously, a bulldog is considered to contribute nothing just like the stupid Standard Poodle. Hopefully, they don't get made fun of by the sporting group dogs, but they probably do. Maybe bulldogs should drink some Gatorade to get stronger.