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Gator Basketball vs. LSU

There as been so much hate this week on Alligator Army (see the two stories below this one), so let's get nice. (Wait, one more thing; here's the box score from last night's Kentucky-Vandy game. Ok, I'm done.)

The Gators play LSU tonight, who is 1-7 in the SEC and fired their coach, a former two-time SEC coach of the year.

The Bayou Bengals have some pride, and showed how tough they can be in a 47-45 loss to Tennessee Saturday. Fortunately for the Gators, LSU is scoring only 62.9 a game, so even UF's terrible defense should hold tonight.

I think the only way LSU wins is if this guy plays.

Wow, even the music in the video is fantastic. Pistol Pete was a man ahead of his time. If he played now, they would have devoted entire SportsCenter shows to him.