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Valentine's Day For Gators

Today is either another day or something nice, depending on if you have a sweetheart. While the true meaning of St. Valentine's Day has been lost (the Catholic Church no longer recognizes it), the general idea of love is not limited to people or your dog.

Not to get philosophical, but let's face it, most of us reading this website love the University of Florida. (Hell, that's my only inspiration for writing here. I'm not getting paid.) When I was choosing colleges, it was the pull of UF that led me there. My brother had a chance to play football at three Ivy League schools and chose UF instead. We all have stories like that. Why? Because we love Florida. There is something on that campus that pulls us in.

For those of us who are recent graduates, we know there will be a time when we outgrow UF. Jobs and other responsibilities will prevent the trips every few months just to make sure they haven't added anything else to the Reitz Union or renamed a street. But we keep putting off that time, even taking jobs in Florida when the job market is better else where. Where ever we are, we need to be within six hours of Gainesville. That's the most important thing.

Just like Albert and Alberta, we all plan on marrying Gator grads and shudder at the thought of even dating someone who was at FSU. Race, religion, or nationality doesn't matter. Look at Alberta. She got together with a guy who doesn't wear pants, but since he's a Gator, it's ok.

We think we're all so cool for being attached to UF. Yet the same is true of the alumni. The alumni I have met talk about UF the same way my generation does. The old men wear those big Gator wicker hats and their wives have are decked out in Gator jewelry. What is scary is that they used to go to Lillian's too.

So if you're one of those people today celebrating Singles Awareness Day, don't be blue. Be orange and blue. Remember, Albert and Alberta will always have a place for you in Gainesville.


Things to do today if you don't have a date

  • Pitchers and Catchers report; See the Yankees in Tampa, Rays in St. Pete, Phillies in Clearwater, and Blue Jays in Dunedin. Finish with a grouper sandwich at Frenchy's. Tell them Alligator Army sent you. It won't get you a discount, but it gets the name out there.
  • Go exercise. Maybe that blonde in accounting would like you if lose ten pounds.
  • Prepare for Fantasy Baseball. Maybe that blonde will like you if you win that gift card to Beef's.
  • Try to define misheard.
  • History Channel has Modern Marvels: The Pig at 8pm (I've seen it and enjoyed it) then at 10pm, The St. Valentine's Day Massacre. That is solid television.
  • Finally, if you want to hurt yourself, the Bulls and Heat play at 8pm on TNT. At least you'll see Jo Noah!