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Gator Basketball at Vandy

Momentum is a fickle lady. One minute she's on your arm, the next minute she is getting drinks with someone else. Just when you think she's there, she is gone.

Such is the case with the Gators. After destroying Vandy on January 27th, they have been 1-3 and have not played well at all. UF went from playing to their potential to playing like high school kids. With the exception of the first 20 minutes in Knoxville, the Gators have lacked confidence on offense translating to a lack of effort on the other end. In the last four games, the Gators have allowed opponents to shoot an average of 51% from the field while UF has shot 45%. Field goal percentage is not a perfect stat, but it is nearly impossible to win with numbers like that.

Vandy has been the opposite of UF, as they have gone 4-1, including setting Kentucky basketball back to the era of peach baskets Tuesday night. Just when you thought they were winning cheaply (winning at South Carolina by one), they rip off 93 points versus UK. Of course, Shan Foster played well in that game and we already know that Florida's guards can't play defense against an intramurals player. But I'm concerned with A.J. Ogilvy. Since laying an egg against UF (9 points, 4 boards), he has averaged 15 points and about 8 rebounds. He's about the same size as Speights, but plays bigger and can get outside the paint. Speights has that game (his baseline jumper) but he also forces it (that horrendous lefty hook). Speights in foul trouble means even more of Dan Werner chucking like he did against LSU. (Although, Werner had nine rebounds vs. LSU.)

I think for UF to win they have to keep scoring. You cannot have wasted possessions like against LSU and assume you will get stops. Maybe a strong offense can kick start a terrible defense and the Gators can get Momentum on their side.

Today's game will be on the usual Raycom stations. But if you live some place where Raycom ACC games are shown with SEC games, may God have mercy on your soul. You might get FSU and Maryland at 3pm.