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Breakfast With Alligator Army: February 17th

  • I really don't know what else to say about the Gators. They played very good defense and had a chance to win in a tough arena, but this game leaves a bad taste in your mouth. 1-15 from 3-point range? How is that possible? An over-and-back call? High school teams play games without an over-and-back call. Someone needs to take a leadership role on this team and put everyone on their back.
  • The Gators now have seven losses overall. I think the only way they secure a spot in the tournament is if they stay below 10 losses. Otherwise, it may take a huge run in the SEC Tournament to get in the Big Dance. By the way, Joe Lunardi just had UF outside of the brackets on ESPN this morning.
  • I mentioned this after the LSU game, but should Werner be taking the majority of 3-point shots? Although, it was nice to see him with his head shaved. When a black guy shaves his head, it's to look cool. When a white guy does it, it's because he doesn't care what he looks like because he's going to scare off every female in a five mile radius.
  • By now you've heard Gator Baseball was picked fifth in the SEC East. What you might not have realized was that Warner Robins Little League was fourth.