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Bandwagon Jumping: Florida Softball

Are you bummed out by the Gators' fall in the SEC East? Are you in a February Funk with no college football to entertain you? Can I interest you in an undefeated Gator team? I see you nodding yes!

Gator Softball has started the season 13-0 defeating North Carolina and Stetson on Sunday afternoon. Unlike basketball or football, the softball team can actually play defense. They are out scoring opponents 92-9 (including 1-0 and 8-0 wins Sunday) and have a .971 fielding percentage. You would like to see that higher, but that is to be expected early and it's only led to two unearned runs anyway.

Softball is really a pitcher's game, with the short distance (compared to baseball) from rubber to plate. So it's not surprising that UF's four pitchers have a 0.60 ERA. That's the other amazing thing about pitching in softball; because your arm swings, instead of rotates like baseball, a softball pitcher is nearly indestructible. Every pitcher is Satchel Paige and can pitch both ends of a doubleheader.

The Gators are built for the long term, too. There is only one senior on the squad. If you jump on the Bandwagon now, you'll get at least two seasons.