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Gator Basketball at Wal-Mart Uni---I mean Arkansas

Now that almost every SEC team has played six games (only UGA and UK have played five) we have another statistic to consider; leaders in conference play. Let's consider scoring offense and scoring defense in non-conference and league play.

Florida Gators:
Scoring Offense OOC: 86.3
Scoring Offense SEC: 81.5
Difference: 5.5%

Scoring Defense OOC: 60.5
Scoring Defense SEC: 72.2
Difference: 19%

Arkansas Razorbacks:
Scoring Offense OOC: 74.6
Scoring Offense SEC: 71.3
Difference: 4.4%

Scoring Defense OOC: 62.6
Scoring Defense SEC: 66.5
Difference: 6%

I think it's significant to mention this today because while Arkansas is not back at the level of "40 Minutes Of Hell", their defense is good enough, with a home crowd, to stop UF's offense. Is Florida better than the Hogs? Maybe. Records say yes but Arkansas has an RPI of 41 with a SOS of 61. The Gators are 43 and a SOS of 150. We again are having the same conversation we had before the Kentucky game; who is better? A tested team or a talented team?

The other concern is the layoff between the Gators best game all season and a tough road test today. And who is to say that on a team with young and immature players, they are not already looking at the Tennessee game? (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BEAT TENNESSEE!) The most important thing today for UF is to continue the progress they made against Vandy. They need to work it to Speights inside which can draw attention for Calathes to drive and create outside shots. It seems like they finally have a grasp on the offense, now they just have to keep momentum going.

By the way, all three guys on College Gameday picked Arkansas over Florida and Mississippi State over Tennessee. Adjust your bets accordingly. Oh, and Rece Davis had spit flying out of his mouth twice during the show. You see those things in spectacular ESPNHD.

Today's game is on Raycom Sports, which is best viewed on a black and white TV. Notable affiliates include: Gainesville- WOGX, Miami- WSFL, Orlando- WOFL, Tampa- WTTA. Coverage begins at 3pm, Gainesville time.