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Balls Of Fury

If you throw or pitch, it's an exciting time to be a Gator. This past weekend, Gator Baseball swept Siena to start their season. As the men were finishing off their weekend, Gator Softball was putting the finishing touches on a win over Notre Dame and their third tournament victory this season.

For baseball, there really seems to be a different energy around the team. Other than a few rough innings by Kyle Mullaney (so much for using a relief pitcher to start on Friday) and Cody Barnes (where O'Sullivan was channeling Joe Maddon and refused to pull him after FOUR WILD PITCHES) the pitching was fantastic. Freshman Tommy Toledo was impressive as he had five strikeouts in five innings Sunday. He throws hard and doesn't really nibble at the corners, so he'll give up a few hard hit balls. But it's been a long time since UF had a fireballer and we'll have to accept a few extra base hits in exchange for strike outs.

I only saw a few innings of softball, but I know why they are 19-0; stirrups. Yes, the girls by the orange groves are the best dressed women not named Heidi Klum. And it's not those stupid sown in stirrups or the low ones that the Giants are wearing. It is legit high stirrups like Frank Robinson. Oh, sure they are hitting over .300 and allowing less than a run per game. But to play good, you have to look good too.

Baseball begins a two game set against Eastern Michigan today with junior Stephen Locke on the hill. Tomorrow, softball starts a six game West Coast road swing at a tournament in California.