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Brunch With Alligator Army

  • You didn't think this would be easy, did you? Were you sucked in and started to believe they would be competitive in each game? In the span of six days, we've seen the best and the worst of the Gators. Now that it is out of their system, maybe we won't see another debacle like that again.
  • Calathes said the Gators did not come ready to play but I don't know if that was it. They've never played a team like Arkansas, so how could they know what to expect? FSU was similar in size and style, but Arkansas was much more polished offensively and it was on the road. The good thing is the Mississippi State game, a team with a better defense, is in Gainesville.
  •  In The Gainesville Sun, Donovan said Arkansas looked like an NBA team and the Gators liked like a high school team. My father said that it was like the varsity playing the JV. Great minds from Rockville Centre think alike.
  • Looking at the rest of the season, I have the same major concern that I had at the beginning of the year; if the shots are not falling, they lose. If the 3-pointer is not falling, they lose. If they can't hit jumpers, they lose. No one has shown a commitment to drive to the goal and draw contact. That was Taurean Green's game. No one has a willingness to back anyone down and get to the line. That was Al Horford's game. If they can't create shots, they can forget about the NCAA Tournament.
  • Enjoy the Super Bowl. I'm hoping my pick is a reverse jinx again.