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Another Upset In Glendale

In my lifetime, the Giants and Patriots have been involved in every exciting Super Bowl, so we probably should have expected this.

Super Bowl XXV: Giants defeat Bills

Super Bowl XXXVI: Patriots defeat Rams

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Patriots defeat Panthers

I'm a big believer in karma and good luck, praying to particular Saints, etc. Which is why I say with a smile that the stadium in Glendale has only hosted huge upsets; Fiesta Bowl wins for Boise State and West Virginia over Oklahoma, Florida over Ohio State, and now Giants over Pats. It's a death trap for the favorite.

As Eli Manning drove the Giants down the field in the last two minutes, I couldn't help but think that the Pats' bad karma was chasing them down. Spygate, Randy Moss, Belichick being a jackass, and Brady's baby mama was beating them as much as Manning. I wasn't surprised when Belichick showed how much class he had by leaving the field prior to the final kneel down. Since we're talking about a Boston area team, let me pull a Bill Simmons and relate it to some event no one remembers;

It was like the Miracle On Ice when the Soviets only put four guys on the ice when the US scored to end the first period! Where was Myshkin for Tretiak?!?

I'm firmly a Bucs fan, but as a child of Long Island, it was fantastic to see Boston lose. When I was up there in December for a job, my hatred of Boston was amplified and I ran back to Tampa. Since the 2004 ALCS, Boston has had a step on New York. Maybe that changes now. I know that most people (read: anyone from outside the Tri-State and New England) hate both New York and Boston, but please at least appreciate that the Giants won. Trust me, you did not want to see the cloud of snobbery that would have happened with 19-0. It's bad enough that the ugly women in Boston think they're good looking.

In Gator news, The Tampa Trib says Ramon Buchanan and Ricky Barnum took visits this weekend, despite verbals to UF. Buchanan was in Miami, who he decommitted from and Barnum went to Michigan. He had been recruited by Rich Rodriguez at West Virginia. The lesson here? Don't trust verbal commitments.