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Quick Breakfast With Alligator Army

  • The Gators ran out of gas last night. It is as simple as that. The effort on the defensive end was there most of the night but the Gators were not as quick or strong. These games happen and if it makes you feel better, think about it this way; Tennessee held serve. We still get them in Gainesville.
  • The outstanding performances by Speights and Calathes proved the Gators have at least two horses, but someone else has to step in. Werner had the points, but hanging out at the three point line will not help with defense or rebounding. On the brightside, at least UF has the same problems in each game. No new problems to worry about.
  • Florida is set on Signing Day, which is how I like it. If we get a Wednesday Surprise, it will be a, well, a surprise.