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A Tradition Unlike Any Other: Signing Day In Gainesville

For the third consecutive year, the Gators will have a top-5 recruiting class. It is assuming a lot that the Gators can keep that streak going for a fourth year, but another strong season will give the Gators momentum.

Losing two commitments by Ramon Buchanan (da U) and Ricky Barnum (Michigan) hurt, especially since the o-lineman who replaced Barnum suffers from broken kneecaps. O-lineman + bad knees= red flag, but the Gators have enough faith in David Young, who waited out for an offer. Young will be a project, but when a kid is 6-foot-6, 290, you wait it out. As for Buchanan, the Gators have done well with linebackers (Beal, McCray), but it sucks to lose a guy to Miami after he had decided against them.

In terms of immediate impact, I think Carl Moore is the guy at the top of the list. He's polished as a transfer and I think he can have the impact that Ryan Smith had in 2006. Smith was a fifth year senior, lending leadership to an untested secondary. It's a little bit different with the receiving corps this season, but Moore and Lou Murphy have a chance to be leaders in the same style after losing Bubba Caldwell.

The most important thing to take away from Wednesday is that the two biggest needs, d-line and secondary, were addressed. Omar Hunter should be a game changer and at least absorb double teams to create opportunities for the linebackers. The one I'm excited about is William Green because Urban called him "a Jarvis Moss-type." Sounds good to me. Right now, he's a linebacker, but get him in the weight room and he will go from Project to Freak.

Speaking of freaks, Will Hill will be the guy the kids chant for next season. He still has to cover people and you cannot expect a freshman to know when he has to save Jacques Rickerson from blowing coverage on another post route. The first time he decleats somebody, he will have the fan base in the palm of his hand. I just want him to kick some ass in the Georgia game.