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Gator Basketball vs. Georgia

Following two rough games at Arkansas and Tennessee, the visiting Bulldogs are just the tonic the Gators need. (Mmmm, gin and tonic. 2 & 1 with Bombay please. Thanks.) Actually, Georgia's starting two guard is out due to underage drinking, even through he blew a .03, which is like what you blow if you had cough syrup.

In terms of the Georgia players who will be in Hogtown, senior point guard Sundiata Gaines (13.2 ppg, 6.3 rpg) can make some noise. The Bulldogs though should not present much of a challenge unless they bring the Gators down to their level. In SEC play, the Dogs are dead last in scoring (68.4) and in their four game losing streak, they've only averaged 60.4 points a game. Of that stretch, only their 85-69 loss to UT was a blowout. Their last time out, against a decent Vandy team, UGA lost 67-59 with 3-point shooting being the difference. In terms of their overall body of work, their only truly impressive wins are over Arkansas and Georgia Tech. They scored 82 and 79 points in those games. Most of the time, they score less than 75 and they will have to score in bunches to keep up with UF. Not to mention, this game is in Gainesville and UF does not lose at home.

The deeper into February, the more Bracketology we hear. That's why it is interesting to see Florida picked as a 10 or 11 seed in the recent mock selections by broadcasters and journalists in Indianapolis. Obviously, they are predicting out, likely giving UF losses to Tennessee, Mississippi State, and a random game. The Gators weak non-conference schedule doesn't help either. Starting with today, the Gators have a five game stretch of winnable games; UGA, LSU, at Vandy, SC, and at UGA. Assuming victories is a recipe for disaster, but you need to win the games you are supposed to win. Besides, after that stretch is Miss State, UT, and at Kentucky. UF could go 0-3 there. It's time to start collecting wins.

Another note from the Katz article I linked to; I have mentioned and so have plenty of Gator fans that if UF gets to the tournament, they should play in Tampa. But Katz explains why a lower seed is not likely to be placed at a nearby site as it relates to Arkansas.

Moving a team a seed or two further down in the bracket will occur to avoid an obvious advantage. Arkansas can play in Little Rock because it's not the Hogs' homecourt. If Arkansas were a No. 9 seed, as was the case in the broadcast media's mock bracket, and Clemson were a No. 8 seed, it wouldn't be fair to put that game in Little Rock. So, in this instance, it was easy to move Arkansas to Anaheim to avoid an unfair edge.

Thinking about it that way, it makes sense that UF was placed in Raleigh and Washington. Maybe Washington is the best place because UF has lost in the early rounds at Raleigh and Tampa.

Here's the Raycom affiliates for today's game.