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The Mother Of All Spring Sports Weekends

When I was still in school, I would kill for weekends like this.

Baseball (23-10, 8-4): Friday, Saturday, Sunday vs. Arkansas (17-14, 3-8)

Football: Saturday; Orange and Blue Game. Plus ESPN and Erin Andrews will be there. Hooray!

Volleyball: Saturday; SEC Beach Volleyball at Southwest Rec. (Wait, beach volleyball? At UF? Will we see this?)

Gymnastics: Saturday; NCAA Southeast Regional

There's even a freaking men's tennis match Saturday too. If you're a UF student or a grad who still has his and will shed tears when he is finally too old to get away with using it, all those events are free. Of course Alligator Army WILL BE THERE! Come on, you think I would miss a weekend like this?

If you're around the North-South garage Saturday, watch out for us. Remember, only cool people tailgate for a glorified practice. And if you're at Grog House that night, um, we might be there too. So be a friend and say hello.

Note: Since the Miami game is September 6th, the first Championship Mode game comes early this year. The Orange and Blue Game is a perfect dress rehearsal.

In other news, Mike Gilbert was the winner of the Alligator Army Tournament Pick'em. A resident of Miami, Mike should receive his new Gator Beach Towel in time to hit South Beach tomorrow afternoon. He probably won due to his good karma; his screen name was GHBHN0607. That translates to Green, Humphrey, Brewer, Horford, Noah 2006-07. That's a true fan.