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Murray To UGA

Plant High School QB Aaron Murray announced this morning that he will be attending Georgia. The Bulldogs were a favorite of Murray along with Florida. While it is not an upset pick in that sense, it is when you consider South Tampa, home of Plant, seems to have as many Gators as Northwest Gainesville.

Since I attended another rich kids school in Tampa (woo Sickles), I wasn't in the Murray camp anyway. While I don't wish any harm to Murray (he could decommit), the fact that he was a golden child of the Tampa Tribune does not do him wonders. The last three guys Mother Trib hyped were Plant QB Robert Marve (sat out first year at Miami due to car accident) and Jefferson QB Stephen Garcia (completely insane at South Carolina). I'm not saying Murray is going to do anything bad, but if you see him getting arrested at MacDinton's or someone posts a YouTube of him making fun of Herschel Walker, we will know the curse continues.

Note: I don't hate Georgia, the school. Just the women's tennis and football team. I mention this because I spent about 45 minutes Tuesday night explaining to my 12 year old sister what schools she had to hate as a Florida fan. I think she's a little confused why Tennessee is a rival, but she really hates FSU now. We're raising her right.