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Alligator Army Notebook: April 4th

- Looking to snap a three game losing streak, Gator Baseball (20-8, 7-2 SEC) heads to Tennessee (17-10, 5-4) this weekend. The Gators gave up 10 runs to FSU and 11 to North Florida this week, so the pitching staff must be excited to see UT is 12th in hitting (.275). Tampa Tommy Toledo (4-1, 2.70 ERA) will get his first Saturday start.

- I've compared Percy Harvin to Roberto Clemente (supremely talented athletes with nagging injuries), but maybe the better comparison is Joe DiMaggio. Percy's heel injury is terrible, but better now than in October. DiMaggio spent 1948 nursing bone spurs in his heel and it probably cost the Yankees the pennant as the Indians defeated the Red Sox on the last day of the season to take the American League. 1948 was the last Indians World Series title.

-, a celebrity gossip site, ranked the 10 best looking colleges. Of course it is SEC heavy with LSU, Georgia, Auburn, South Carolina, Ole Miss, and Florida is fourth. Top three are FSU, USC, and Arizona State at the top. Apparently if your female graduates entered the adult film industry or have no redeeming value except for what is on their chest, you have an attractive female population. Sorry, I'd take the Florida or Ole Miss girls in sundresses and UGA girls in those completely ridiculous cocktail dresses.

- For the most part, people seemed to enjoy the April Fool's Fnsi Dchdi article. (Although a commentator on Gator Country called it a, "Bad copy of the Sidd Finch story." I'm still trying to figure out what a good copy is.) As for the hints, the first is the name. Fnsi Dchdi is the letters in `Sidd Finch' rearranged. Sidd Finch was the subject of George Plimpton's classic Sports Illustrated article `The Curious Case of Sidd Finch' about a Mets prospect who could throw a baseball 168 mph. A lot of the same characteristics of Finch I used for Dchdi. As for the second hint, reread the story and ignore the italicized paragraphs. What does the first letter in each paragraph spell?