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Alligator Army Notebook: May 12


- Your SEC Champion Florida Gators softball enters the NCAA Tournament as the overall Number 1 seed. Play begins in Gainesville Friday, with UF hosting Georgia Tech, C-USA champ UCF, and Big East regular season winner USF. (UF plays Tech, but it is double elimination.) If you have not paid attention to softball this season, you better get on the bandwagon now. The train to Oklahoma City is getting ready to leave. (Get it? Train? Wagon? The finals are in Oklahoma? I am hil-arious.)

- Softball is in the field of 64, but Men’s and Women’s Tennis are now in the Sweet Sixteen, which puts them at the final site in Tulsa. (Ewww, Tulsa? Really?) The No. 9 Men curb stomped Miami 4-1 (best of seven) Sunday. The day prior, not even a freshman kicker or terrible officiating would have saved Auburn as the six seeded Gator Women put them down 4-0. The ladies face Vandy Thursday and the men meet Texas Friday.

- Speaking of more Gator ladies, Women’s Golf qualified for the eight team final round of the NCAA Championships, winning the East Regional at Athens. The No. 4 Gators defeated No. 1 Duke by a stroke and host Georgia was six off the pace.

- Think about this, since women’s tennis is always a frisky team, and golf and softball are crushing people, it’s possible for UF to win all three national championships. Who said the Era of Champions ended this season?