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Alligator Army Notebook: May 2

- In Week Two of "A Season In Championship Mode," the 1996 Florida Gators defeated Georgia Southern 62-14. Here is the New York Times account of the game;

Danny Wuerffel answered Coach Steve Spurrier's criticism with near perfection, missing on just one pass for Florida (No. 4 A.P.).

Wuerffel was 15 of 16 for 267 yards and two touchdowns for the Gators (2-0), a far cry from last week when he missed open receivers and drew the brunt of Spurrier's criticism.

Georgia Southern (1-1), a Division I-AA school, flustered Florida with its flexbone option attack that took chunks of time off the clock and kept the score from really getting out of hand.

Wuerffel had a pass efficiency rating of 275.2 for the game.

- Let's welcome The Tampa Trib to the Gators Softball Bandwagon. The Gators (56-2, 24-1) face Tennessee (46-10, 14-9) in Knoxville. A sweep of the three game series, or a combination of wins and losses with Alabama (47-4, 23-2) clinches a SEC title for UF.

- Gators Baseball is at South Carolina, a team head coach Kevin O'Sullivan should be familiar with since he was previously at Clemson. Tonight's game, with Tampa's Tommy Toledo pitching, is on Sun Sports.

- When picking a MVP or Rookie of the Year, do you pick the best player or the one who influenced his team the most? Influence is the choice of this article, arguing Al Horford should have been Rookie of the Year. Kevin Durant's numbers were fantastic, and he may be a great player one day, but he made a really crappy Seattle into a really crappy Seattle team. The Hawks went from really crappy to scaring the hell out of everyone from Hartford to Boston to Augusta. From the article;

"Those two championship teams in college, I think that prepared him for the big stage," [Hawks coach Mike] Woodson said. "He was a major part of what he did at Florida so he's battle tested already. Don't a lot of things rattle that young man, which is nice to see from a rookie. When the game is on the line he steps up and makes big plays. From a coaching standpoint, that's nice to see."

Wow, college ball helped? What a concept!

- And finally, this weekend is graduation in Gainesville. To my brother, Timmy C. and all graduates, congratulations. Not only does this class have a UF degree, they were students for three national championships and a Heisman.