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Alligator Army Notebook: May 23

- Gators Baseball got own3d in the SEC Tournament. Two days after I talked about how they style of play could cause fits, UF’s pitching fell apart and Vandy and South Carolina bludgeoned the Gators, 7-3 and 11-3. The two losses eliminate UF (34-22) from the SEC Tournament. Had the Gators won the tournament, they would have probably gotten a 1 seed in the regionals. Even a few wins would get them a 2 against someone they could handle. By crapping the bed in Hoover, UF is looking at a 3 in some “Group of Death” with a team like Miami, one team from a power conference that mashes, and a small Northern school with a pitching staff more experienced than the Tampa Bay Rays. Lovely.


- In our continuing series following the 1996 National Champion Florida Gators, the No. 1 Gators crushed Kentucky 65-0. The Gators (4-0, 2-0) limited UK wonder boy Tim Couch to 6-18 passing with 13 yards and led 41-0 at the half.


- Of course, the story of the weekend is Gators Softball (65-3) aiming for Oklahoma City, facing California (43-25) in the Super Regionals. Game 1 is today at , with a possible doubleheader (series is best two of three) starting at tomorrow. Cal upset Fresno State to get to Gainesville, while No. 1 UF had one hiccup before ousting UCF.