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The Obligatory Joakim Noah Weed Post


I am shocked, shocked, to find there is weed use in Gainesville! Oh my goodness! Billy Donovan should suspend him immediately! Twenty-three year olds never do anything like this!


Was that ok? Did I display the proper amount of distain?


My biggest problem with this is not that Noah was caught or was dumb enough to have weed on him. It was that he was dumb enough to walk out of a bar with an open container. I’ve seen shoving matches at Italian Gator and sorority girls doing Pete Rose slides down the back stairs at Grog with GPD not even flinching. But an open container? SWARM, SWARM, SWARM! As if being 6-foot-11 didn’t draw enough attention, Noah had to be bouncing with a cup of cognac. Give credit to Noah on this point; a man only drinks a clear or brown cocktail. But he couldn’t man up and finish it inside.


Noah will now have to deal with NBA sanctioned drug tests and pay a fine or do community service for his punishment. But remember this; the embarrassment Noah will feel when he has to face Al Horford (who was also in town last week) will be worse than anything a judge or a message board could deliver.