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Alligator Army Notebook: May 6

- Monday, the Orlando Sentinel profiled Tim Tebow’s work in the Philippines which included performing surgery. Not to be outdone, ESPN a few hours later had a story linked on their front page about Tebow working with prisoners. At this point, anything could be written about Tebow and I’d believe it. (Did you hear Tebow is going to run against Big Brown in the Preakness? He’s already a 3-1 favorite.) In all seriousness, Tebow will make an even larger mark as a humanitarian than football player. I see him in 20 years running an orphanage in the Philippines with his hot Asian wife and his ten-year old son who can bench 175 pounds.

- The one thing Tebow can’t do is save UF from the red marker as the University has cut $47 million from their budget. Hit hardest were IFAS and Liberal Arts, which lost $9.5 million and $5.97 million respectively. Florida will now also reduce the number of incoming students by 1000 in each of the next four years. In total, Florida’s budget will be $69 million less when you include a previously administered cut in October.

- If you’re walking around and you hear that low growl, get the hell out of there because an alligator might be trying to make you his girlfriend. With temperatures rising, so do the libidos of our reptile friends. May is the peak season for some lovin’.

- By the way, check out the post below for more information about our new design. I’m just like you and learning about it too. That said, isn’t it stylish? It’s like we went from wearing a t-shirt and jorts to a tailored suit with an Italian made tie. Remember, it’s better to look good than to feel good.