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The Deadspin Bowl Presented By AOL Fanhouse, Sponsored By EDSBS

Last week, the NCAA awarded a bowl game to St. Petersburg, home of art museums, old people, and your Tampa Bay Rays. Obviously, those characteristics and a possible matchup of .500 Big East and Conference USA teams do not bring out the corporate dollars. (What, no Yuengling Bowl?)

The call has been put out and if you got $350,000, you can plop your name or company on the turf at Tropicana Field. As EDSBS pointed out, that creates a delicious possibility.

(If imitation is the highest from of flattery, then stealing the idea for a Blog Bowl must be like creating a memorial.)

Deadbowl_mediumThat’s right football fans! AOL Fanhouse Presents The Deadspin Bowl Sponsored By EDSBS! From beautiful central St. Petersburg! In a dome! Woooooooooo!

I can see it now; bowl committee members Will Leitch and Michael David Smith are dressed in a blazer, dark t-shirt, and jeans, ready to sign the loser of the Pitt-UConn game on December 6. Back in Hattiesburg, Southern Miss is already inked to go to St. Pete and is learning about the city’s love for Bengay and modern art.

Gus Johnson and Andre Ware will provide the commentary with Erin Andrews avoiding over stimulated frat boys and giving sideline reports. Spencer Hall and Orson Swindle will be tapped as honorary captains, but an awkward situation is avoided when Big Daddy Drew takes one spot. There won’t be a dry eye in the house when in a special reenactment of "Costas Now" at halftime, Buzz Bissinger appears as himself, bringing the thousands of unemployed bloggers and their Moms at the Trop to their feet. Southern Miss wins with a defensive stand when Dave Wannstedt orders Pitt to score a touchdown on 4th and Goal from the three yard line and the Panthers losing 16-14.

With the combined fortunes of AOL, Gawker, and Swindle Enterprises, the dream is possible. Yes we can!