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Classic YouTube: Urban Meyer and the summer of 2005

Before Urban Meyer's first season, two videos made their way around campus. The first was clips of the Gators and Urban Meyer's first press conference set to Coldplay's "Fix You." It had the combined effect of hating Zook even more (since the theme was how horribly screwed up the team was after he was fired) but you wanted to run through a brick wall afterwards because Urban Meyer quotes made a Coldplay song seem badass. That is if you could see through your tears. (Not that I was crying or anything. It was just really dusty.)

The second video inspired the famous comment from my friend Hanson about how it made him "happy," if you know what I mean. (I'm sure he was joking, but you can never be sure.) It is all the significant plays Utah made against Pitt in the Fiesta Bowl, including a "hook-and-lateral" when Utah is up by 21. If Utah looked that fast, imagine what Meyer would do at UF with world class athletes.