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Jeff Demps Is Too Damn Fast

While you were working the grill or stretching out your arm for beer pong Saturday night, Florida signee Jeff Demps was trying to qualify for the Olympics. In the 100-meter dash quarterfinals, Demps finished second and ran 10.01.

Wait, now in bold.


The only reason why he was second? Tyson Gay set the American Record with a 9.77, .05 away from a world record. But Demps sets the High School record, since he is competing as a high school student. The previous mark was 10.08.

"It's an honor to break that record," Demps said by phone 45 minutes after his performance. "I can't really explain how it feels right now. I'm so excited."

First off, 100 yards is about 91 meters, so for those of you imagining one of the world's fastest men returning kicks for UF, it might actually be less than 10 seconds goal line to goal line. (But in pads, it might be about 10 seconds.) Demps is only 5-9, 170, perfect for a sprinter, not so much for a football player. As it stands, Demps is only in the semifinals, with two races Sunday between him and Beijing.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt though, let's say he is one of the athletes who qualifies for the Olympics. Should he become a pro track athlete or head to Florida and uphold the ideals of the amateur athlete? He could be too damn fast for Florida Football and start cashing checks.