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Alligator Army Notebook: June 30

- Former Gator Earnest Graham is getting paid by the Bucs. The running back went from special teams superstar to feature back will be getting a four-year deal worth $11 million. Early in his career, Graham had been released by the Bucs and was living in a friend's spare room after an acquaintance, who was acting as his agent, basically stole his money. Now, Graham will not have to worry about money for a long time.

- Jeff Demps will not be going to China this summer. While that's better for UF, it does suck. I think an Olympian returning kicks would be an advantage for the Gators.

- Speaking in Ohio, Urban Meyer said he felt "awful" following the Gators' loss to Michigan in the Capital One Bowl. He also has the early leader for Quote of The Year.

He said he has heard many a young student-athlete say, "Coach doesn't like me, so he isn't playing me."

To which Meyer had an answer.

"I look and them and say, 'You are correct. I don't like you,' " he said. " 'If you worked harder, if you got better grades, if you quit being a jerk, pulled your pants up and got the IPod out of your ears, I'd like you a lot better.' "

Meyer then said, "And get off my lawn!"

- Finally, I get a weird feeling this time of year. Today is the start of Summer B at UF, and for nearly all freshman now, the start of their college careers. Two years out of school and I still feel the pull of Gainesville. That's either good (that I haven't lost touch) or bad (that part of me wants to be at UF). Last year on The Sporting Orange, we named the Ten Things to Remember at The University of Florida for the freshmen, and we bring it back today with some updates.

1. Do not date freshmen or sophomore year. There are a lot of awesome girls at UF and you don't want to lock up with one. (Note: The one downfall of UF becoming harder to get into is that the attractiveness of the student body is dropping. I believe it started with my class in 2002, because I'm ugly.)

2. Stand up at every football game. You go to UF, not Miami. Also, remember Championship Mode for the big games.

3. The only reason to rush is to get drunk and get laid. If you have trouble normally doing those things, then you should rush.

4. There are two 24 hour Wal-Marts and two 24 hour supermarkets near Archer and 34th St. in Gainesville. You'll need to know this when your roommate spills beer all over your PS3/X-box controller.

5. Despite what she says, a twin bed is big enough for two people.

6. If you meet a girl at a party, and she says she is from New Orleans, do not tell her your fantasy football team name is the New Orleans Refugees. (Or if she's from Iowa, and you've called your team the Floods. But there are no cute people from Iowa, so this should not happen anyway.) If she keeps talking to you after that, she's a good girl.

6a. If said girl is "hanging out" with the guy hosting the party, wait until that guy is sufficiently trashed before you ask for her number.

7. If you live near Museum Road and Newell, in the back of the IFAS building that gives out free food samples is a giant air vent. The vent blows air that is about 50 degrees. Perfect place to cool off. St. Augustine's Church is pretty good too, and you get the bonus of wine and crackers at 12pm and 5:30pm.

8. From my first ever class, INR 2001, "The only way you'll get smarter is by reading newspapers; The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal."

9. Once you turn 21, start going to bars with live music on a regular basis. You're an adult now.

10. Have fun.

I'm gonna go cuddle my degrees now. Enjoy your day and Let's Go Rays.