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Confetti and Breadcrumb Featuring Joakim Noah


Summer A is a boring time in Gainesville. Unless you’re college rap pioneers Confetti and Breadcrumb and you’re filming a new video with Jo Noah. (HT: 2-Cup. Doesn't that look like Butler Plaza too?)


When Jo wasn’t Gainesville Police’s favorite write up, he was getting down with former Gator Brett Swanson (Breadcrumb; red jacket). These shots are from Confetti and Breadcrumb’s newest video, "Beardz" which is set to drop in a few weeks. You can already hear the track on the group’s myspace. Their first video, the awesomely named "Sideboob" (shot by former Gator Garrett Tyler) is seen below. Of course, it is NSFW. But it’s worth watching just for the dancing and hot scooter video.