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The Saga of Chris Leak

Collegiate success does not guarantee professional success, no matter if you’re a football player or business grad. Unfortunately, Chris Leak knows this too well. After falling flat in NFL camps and becoming the face of Gainesville’s AAFL franchise, Christopher is now on his second CFL camp. A few days after joining the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (or Ticats if you watch the Canadian game on Gainesville’s channel 67 or Catch 47 in Tampa), Leak is now on his way to Montreal, which is like going from Green Bay to New Orleans without the history of Green Bay or politeness of the Crescent City.


Even though I’m one of those fans who were firmly on the Tebow Bandwagon even as Leak was leading UF to a National Championship, the level of fandom attached to Leak always concerned me. Maybe it was because he was Zook’s boy or he was quiet or he wasn’t Huck Finn and Paul Bunyan rolled into one, but Leak never got the outpouring of support number 15 has. Even now, knowing Leak is struggling to find jobs doesn’t bother me. But if someone tells me Tebow won’t be a NFL QB, I will punch them in the mouth.


Sadly, there are 64 better QBs in the NFL (or, I guess, 96) and Leak has to look at the three-down game just like former Gator Kerwin Bell. Leak has already found Canada isn’t the SEC or even a town game at the rec center. The bigger ball, bigger field and bigger formations create a supercharged game, drawing from rugby as much as football. To be honest, Leak won’t make it in Canada either. The rule and style differences are too much to overcome. Give credit to Leak on this though; he’s not yet quit. Until you’re buying a car or cable service from him, Leak still thinks he has a chance to play ball.