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Gainesville's Other Accomplishments

When ESPN is in Gainesville today for their "TitleTown" segment (1:30 at the stadium, be there!) they will talk about the Triple Crown of National Championships, Volleyball's SEC dominance, golf and tennis having legacies of championships, plus a little about the town's athletic success. But they might miss some stuff. With that in mind, here are some things ESPN needs to mention during, "Gainesville: TitleTown USA."

- During the 2006 Orange and Blue Game camp, 10 year old Marky Powell runs a 4.4 forty yard dash, en route for a touchdown during his flag football game. Marky currently attends Lincoln Middle School in Gainesville. Rivals has him listed as a 4-star athlete and Scout has him as a 3-star defensive back for the 2014 recruiting season.

- From February 2007 to March 2008, I was 35-0 in beer pong. My magical streak ended when I was paired with my brother and proceeded to miss every shot he took. I felt like Tom Brady, minus going home to a supermodel after the loss.

- Kappa Alpha Theta member Christine Montgomery holds the record for, "Quickest slide down two flights of stairs." On September 27, 2005, Christine slid down the front stairs at Grog House in 3.4 seconds. 3.4 was also her blood alcohol content level.

- Gainesville Police Officer Jake Brown would hold the record for fastest time in the US Marines obstacle course. In 22 seconds, Brown ran from Durty Nelly's to Fat Tuesday's in order to serve a ticket for an open container violation. He only had to shove three people into oncoming traffic.

- As a freshman, current Jacksonville insurance salesman Trevor Schultz set the record for "Longest mattress throw from a third floor window." Schultz was upset at his roommate for hooking up with a girl he liked. In response, Schultz opened his window at Rawlings Hall and tossed the roommate's mattress out, striking a kid on Freshman Preview. Schultz's record of 41 feet, 6 inches, was quickly defeated by a student at Colorado. Schultz claims his record still stands because it wasn't at a high altitude like the Colorado mark.

- Dan Mitchell, or "Mitchie" as his brothers in ATO call him, once drank 14 pitchers of Blue Moon at Swamp Restaurant in an hour. He spent the rest of the day hitting on freshman sorority girls, convincing three of them he was on the football team.

- Gainesville fire fighter Bobby Mazalewski shot a 71 at the UF Golf Course in 2007, the best mark for anyone who has snuck onto the course.

See, Gainesville is more than just football and basketball. Hopefully, an ESPN producer reads this and includes these epic events in their segment. If you can think of any others, drop them in the comments.