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The Biggest Reason To Buy NCAA 09? Timmy Tebow.


RESPECT FOR TEBOW: Florida's No. 15, Tim Tebow, the only sophomore to win a Heisman, is rated a 99 across the board and is a hoss to bring down from the dreaded "Gator Heavy" formation. NCAA 09 does noble work in bringing the Urban Meyer "Spread" offense to life with Tebow at the helm. Though the learning curve is steep, once you figure out how to get the ball to your insanely fast receivers in space there's no stopping you.

Wait, it gets better.

INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN: Florida's No. 1 receiver, Percy Harvin, is a god in this game. During a Dynasty season, he averaged 50.1 yards per punt return. But it's not just Harvin. Virtually any return man with some speed can get into the clear and return a kick or punt to the house. This adds a tasty extra dimension to the game and helps compensate for how tough it can be to score on the higher difficulty settings.

Not everything is perfect though.

SUPERMAN? I ran a play in which Tebow failed to gain any yardage at all running up the middle, which is preposterous. Not only that, but he was slow getting up, almost as if he were injured, which is impossible. And Tebow being intercepted is just not acceptable. Nothing can stop Tebow from dominating. EA Sports should know that.

Preposterous! gave the game a 9 on the Xbox and PS3 platforms, but a 7 on the Wii.