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Tebow Wins; No Need To Watch ESPYs

Your favorite quarterback and mine, Tim Tebow, won Best Male College Athlete at the ESPYs last night. The taped broadcast will be seen Sunday night. Now that the only Florida connection has been confirmed, the only reason to watch is to see Justin Timberlake doing Justin Timberlake things.

In other news, the Matt LaPorta Bandwagon is heading to China as he was selected for the US Olympic team. Give credit to (some) of the Major League organizations for releasing their guys. It's often been a source of controversy because while these guys are minor leaguers, they are MLB property not international athletes. It's interesting to note there are no Yankees, no Rays, no Red Sox and no Cubs. Those teams are the most protective of their farm systems. There are a few Dodgers, Phillies and Rangers. Those are the patriotic teams. (Yeah, I know it's possible the selection committee wanted particular guys. But I find it hard to believe guys like Wade Davis (pitcher, Rays) and any of the Red Sox crop of young pitchers didn't make it.)