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Don't Be A Jinx Urban

I am extremely superstitious. I wear the same clothes to Gator games, based on the opponent and situation. (Championship Mode: orange Gator polo, AE khaki shorts, Gator hat from 2000 with the Gator tail around the ‘F'.) During my time in Gainesville, I would take a break from classes and dip into St. Augustine Church and say a prayer (or 100) for the Gators to win. Anything to help the team.

So, I get a little upset when I see statements like this.

Meyer said he's had two "great" teams in seven years of head coaching, including, of course, the 2006 national championship squad. This year's Gators could be No. 3, he said.

"People call [those years] luck, the stars aligned right, but I think it's a great team," Meyer said. "I think we're headed in that direction there with the chemistry and the leadership."

Can't we just sneak up on people? I know that is impossible with a Heisman winning bulldozer playing QB, but all this talk about UF being a top-5 team or better worries me. Sure, everyone is a year older, but does the secondary improve? Those guys are still sophomores and freshmen. And we still have questions at d-line, unless Carlos Dunlap's Orange and Blue Game showing was legit.

Don't get me wrong. I think UF will be good, but I'm not asking off from work yet to go to the SEC Championship. There is still the usual suspects to deal with, and with the exception of FSU and LSU, you could make a case they all got better (Miami still seems a year away, but frisky). We'll go over this more as the season approaches. In the mean time, I'll be knocking on wood and wearing my lucky boxers every few days to keep them fresh.