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Beanie Wells For Heisman?

When a team's former player is having his record threatened, they will usually defend the players honor. If there is someone chasing Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak, you can guarantee the Yankee pitchers will walk or hit that batter each time up. You can't let someone break a historic record.

That is why Ohio State RB Beanie Wells wants to prevent Tim Tebow from winning another Heisman. Former Ohio State RB Archie Griffin is the only back-to-back winner (1974-75). Wells is looking to increase his 2007 stats (1609 ypg, 15 TD) as Ohio State aims to become college football's Buffalo Bills.

Of course, Wells should be thinking like this anyway. But Florida fans should not. Remember, Tebow won the Heisman in part due to his ground game, which should now be given to Chris Rainey and Emmanuel Moody (traditional RB roles) or Cam Newton (bulldozer role).

Maybe because Tebow's Heisman was the one positive this season, it seems like some fans have lost touch with he fact that crystal footballs are more important than ancient statues. If Tebow were to win the Heisman again, I would be thrilled. But as we approach the season, I think people will realize offensively, the window of opportunity is closing. Percy Harvin will not be back next season and Moody could be one and done (since he's three years out of high school and draft eligible). Cornelius Ingram is done and who knows what Tebow does when he becomes draft eligible.

Let Wells or anyone else win the Heisman. We're aiming for something bigger.