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New Season, New Roster

First of all, let me apologize for my absence. Not only have I been busy slinging rock with John Reaves, my knee is really sore and I'm going to have it looked at tomorrow.

Anyway, as we approach year 2 of Alligator Army (holy crap, I'm getting old), we have some changes for you. Due to my real world schedule, I cannot post every day. So we have some new and old faces.

The co-founders of The Sporting Orange have returned. Hanson, who last contributed this, will be posting again. Timmy C. has backed away from the ledge after Cornelius Ingram's injury and will be contributing as well. Our third writer is Miss Kari, who in addition to being a former Weimer Hall sports kid, is very attractive and has a Southern accent that makes a man weak in the knees.Over the next few weeks, they will post with me.

This is going to be a unique season in Gator History. This team has potential, but with Tebow and Percy in their junior years, the window of victory is slowly closing. As we said a year ago, we hope you find us entertaining and informative.

Go Gators.