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Speed and Youth

As a whole, Gator fans are much more optimistic about this season than they were about the last and the one previous. This season, we know Tebow is not just a goofy looking kid who runs into piles and the offense should score about 30 points a game. The defense is a year older and a year wiser with Brandon Spikes maturing and Joe Haden and the Major expected to be better as well.

But beyond that, there is not much. UF does not have the depth, or at least it does not appear that way. Already this season, the Gators have been challenged by injuries. At what point will UF be exposed?

The difference between good teams and bad teams is not depth or talent; it is can you avoid mistakes. Thankfully, UF has enough speed to do that. Justin Williams has converted from receiver to safety, and performed admirably. Meanwhile, UF has a dangerous weapon in their back pocket; high school 100-meters record holder Jeff Demps. Meyer knows how to use his team's speed, but they also need it to overcome their youth. Experience and speed cannot be taught.