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Proving that August babies are the best babies, Tim Tebow is now 21 after his birthday Thursday. If anyone deserves to get free drinks on his birthday, it's Tebow. Celebrating a birthday between sessions sucks (no one is in town), but I imagine Tebow had enough people around to enjoy himself.

Plenty has been written about Tebow's character and how he is nearly flawless. If he's like every other American kid though, he wakes up this morning with a hangover (even Tebow should have a few beers) and with a renewed sense of self. The day after your 21st birthday is when you start making plans and figuring out what to do with the future. For you and I that meant reapplying ourselves in school or promising never to do Patron shots ever again. For Tebow, it is becoming a champion.

He has been adamant that he needs to win an SEC Championship, not another Heisman. I mention this because I am fairly confident with the emergence of Chris Rainey and Emmanuel Moody now playing, Tebow will not be asked to run as much and his stats will slip. Instead will be a man possessed, playing at a higher level than we could have ever imagined.

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