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Alligator Army Notebook: August 28

- We're doing an Alligator Army Pick'em this season through Yahoo. If you want to play, go here, select "Create a group" and enter in group ID "25937" and password "army". I'm still working on a prize for the winner, so right now you're playing for pride.

- Tomorrow, we'll have our full blown season preview rather than a bunch of articles focused on particular subjects, a terrible side effect of a 16-hour job. It sucks when the real world gets in the way of blogging.

- That said, I haven't really been too focused on the season opener against Hawaii (more so the Miami game) and I haven't been able to get excited about the general football season in general. Then I read Clay Travis' ode to college football yesterday and I was ready to run through a brick wall humming the "SEC on CBS" theme song.

- See you back here tomorrow.