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Breakfast With Alligator Army: Hawaii

Florida Gators defeat Hawaii Warriors 56-10.

- Let's chalk up the scoreless first quarter to the 12:30 start time and the usual first game jitters. If this team thinks they can start slow like they did all last season, they can kiss the SEC Championship goodbye.

- I was very glad the little I was able to get to a TV to watch the second half and see Jeff Demps destroy people with his 62-yard TD run. Not to mention, Chris Rainey's 33-yard score and 'Cold Blooded' Brandon James' punt return for a score. These three just might be able to keep UF afloat while Percy Harvin is out and we start saving Tebow. The Sentinel notes that the Demps-Rainey attack, plus Tebow not having to do much work, is a good sign.

- By the way, UF has a Murderers' Row. Look at these guys by numbers; 1-Harvin, 2-Demps, 3-Rainey. How cool is that?

- Sports Illustrated writer William Nack described Secretariat's run in the Belmont Stakes as being, "Too damn fast." That is my favorite description for the Gators' offense and would have made a much better headline for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

- Tebow's lack of action is mentioned by the St. Pete Times' John Romano and the Sun's Pat Dooley as a good thing. II mentioned this on the occasion of Tebow's 21st birthday that we will see a different player. Florida's offense treats the dual threat QB as a standard part of the offense, but if they want Tebow at 100% for the whole season, it needs to be a luxury only used when necessary.

- Finally, I have to mention Hurricane Gustav because I have an odd interest in tropical weather and New Orleans. When I interviewed Danny Wuerffel in May about Louisiana-based Desire Street Ministries, I asked if he ever worried that people have forgotten about New Orleans. He admitted that maybe the support to rebuild homes and business may have dropped. But it was more about rebuilding lives, which is happening everyday as people moved to New Orleans to restore the entire region. Unfortnately, it appears that rebuilding will have to happen again. I know my thoughts this week were set for destroying Miami on Saturday night, but I'll have them set to New Orleans now. Just keep them in your thoughts and prayers this week as well. Johnny Cash asks the same.