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The Absurdity of Training Camp

When the news came down Thursday that Cornelius Ingram (known as CI Baby on this set of tubes) had torn his ACL, no one took it well. An example from instant messenger with Timmy C.;

soccer4player: oh my god
mlmintampa: what
soccer4player: this is the worst news of the year
soccer4player: CI
mlmintampa: i know
soccer4player: i could kill somebody right now
mlmintampa: dont worry, urban meyer told someone that aaron hernandez is the meanest person he has ever met
mlmintampa: he'll be a hall of famer or in prison
soccer4player: i liked it better when we had 2 good TE's
mlmintampa: yes
mlmintampa: but if ci has to take a medical redshirt, we have him for next season
soccer4player: if he wants to stay
mlmintampa: have they confirmed the seriousness of the injury
soccer4player: 20 minutes ago
soccer4player: say its his ACL
mlmintampa: fuck me
soccer4player: i know
soccer4player: i am really glad i don't own a gun

Timmy C. is a good Republican, so the gun is in the future. That said, CI going down casts a shadow on the rest of camp. That it was in a non-contact drill will make guys think twice before planting their foot and making a cut.

It was interesting on the same day CI was injured, Meyer complained about a lack of intensity. In a time of weight training every day and "voluntary" agility drills without coaches, you'd think the type of training camps UF and other schools have would slowly fade away. The pro game has caught on, limiting the real work to the 6-8 spots on the team not secured, protecting everyone else as much as possible. I guess it will take another catastrophic injury for coaches to trust their players and realize they are in game shape long before the season begins.