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Welcome To Our Hatred Of Miami

We don't get to break it out as much, but Miami also sits in a dark corner of our soul with FSU, Georgia, Tennessee, the Boston Red Sox and Northside Little League Major A's, circa 1996. I can tolerate Georgia and Tennessee (SEC pride and thanks for choking last night Vols), the Miami fanbase pushes the Canes from "mildly annoying" to "Please God, I want to destroy them." (My hatred of FSU is on an academic level as well, putting it at the top.) It doesn't help that part of Ron Zook's plans to ruin my first three years of college were to lose in horrific fashion twice to Da U.

Anyway, enough about me. Here's Against Me! ripping Miami in the best way possible. Oh, and put your headphones on for this one.

And Against Me! is coming to St. Pete in a month! So, do you want to go too? Are you at least a moderately attractive female? You are? HOORAY!