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Florida @ Tennessee: The Dreams of a Championship

Before I woke up this morning I had a dream. Tennessee was kicking off to Florida and tried an onside kick where the kicker would recover, but the Gators were not fooled and Jacques Rickerson recovered. Since it looked like Rickerson stole it from the Vols kicker under the pile, Florida ran out the offense with Cam Newton, apparently to do a quick QB sneak and prevent a replay challenge. They went directly to the line but Newton faked a sneak and threw a pass to Carl Moore for a TD. Lou Murphy was also open. The only problems with the dream were that the game seemed to be played in the Rose Bowl and the Gators were wearing the "Frankfurt Galaxy" jerseys with the one orange sleeve.

I don't normally have strange dreams, so this could mean a few things; UF will win today, UT will win because I jinxed the Gators, or I need to start dating again so I have better dreams.

Much has been made this week about Tennessee being 0-3 in the Meyer Era and having their running game shutdown in the last two outings in the series. The Vols, despite the loss to UCLA, still have a good enough running game. (221 ypg; Arian Foster has the yards, Montario Hardesty has the scores.) But Florida has the talent edge, right? Well yes, but as Meyer made a point of saying last week, UF is still young. Was there anything last year that made you think the Gators could have handled a hostile environment like Knoxville?

The Gators should win. The manner of which it happens will go a long way to determining if Florida has dreams of a championship or delusions of grandure.