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Game Three: Florida @ Tennessee

Florida_logo_medium @ Tennessee_logo_medium

Our gal Miss Lindsey already sent a report this morning complimenting Tennessee fans for being so polite to the Gator fans this morning. Clearly the calm before the storm. Shortly after that, an old friend who went to FSU but is now becoming a priest (which very much cancels out the mistake of attending FSU), dropped this in an email;

"I hope UF destroys Tennessee. I got a taste of Tennessee fans a couple years ago when I went to the Outback Bowl where they played Penn State. I sat in a section surrounded by orange-clad Rocky Top singing rednecks. I won't go into details, but suffice to say that I was turned off forever." 

Folks, when a future Catholic priest thinks your fan base sucks, well, you suck. That said, I enjoy Al Gore and Jack Daniel's, so I'm not totally anti-Tennessee.

Enjoy the game and we'll see you back here later.